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We live in such a fast paced world where the need for things to be done immediately has become almost unrealistic and yet we never cease to amaze ourselves at how we manage to keep up. At Matthews Drew we are no different and as technologies change and constantly improve, we are able to provide better products in half the time.

Follow our stories as we take you through time and trends.....

How Times Have Changed
The evolution of immortalising the moment

In the early 18th century to have a portrait made one had to find an artist, commission them and then sit still for hours while they immortalised you on canvas. Today all it takes is a digital camera, email and about 20 minutes and you get a more accurate, high resolution result and you can make as many copies as you like - mind blowing!

Digital Printing
The reproduction of digital images on physical surface

It can be differentiated from litho printing in many ways, some of which are;

  • Every impression made onto the paper can be different, as opposed to making several hundred or thousand impressions of the same thing from one set of plates, as in traditional methods.

  • The Ink or Toner does not absorb into the paper, as does conventional Ink, but forms a layer on the surface.

  • It generally requires less waste in terms of chemicals used and paper wasted in set up.

  • It is excellent for rapid prototyping, or small print runs which means that it is more accessible to a wider range of designers.


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